JGP offers a wide range of engineering services for foundation design, from geotechnical ground investigations through to designing foundation schemes and underpinning. A well-designed and executed ground investigation will determine geotechnical design parameters, such as depth to adequate bearing strata, the strength of the bearing strata, excavatability and Aggressive Ground Conditions, which are all essential in developing a cost-effective ground engineering solution. A good site investigation can deliver significant long-term cost savings by identifying any potentially problematic ground conditions prior to development.


Foundations & Ground Improvement

At JGP, our Engineers can design simple and complex foundation systems and ground improvement strategies such as:

  • Simple strip and trench fill foundations for adequate bearing strata at shallow depth
  • Wide strip foundations to reduce bearing pressures at shallow depth
  • Raft foundations distributing building loads over a large area
  • Ground beams and piles allowing bearing to be taken down to suitable strata at depth
  • Ground improvement methods such as vibro-compaction which can result in great savings over alternative foundation systems
  • Retaining walls within foundations to allow incorporating retaining walls, construction of basements, swimming pools and tanks

Geotechnical Investigation & Design