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JGP Videos

Welcome to JGPs video page. Here you will find videos produced by our company and videos that relate directly to jobs undertaken by JGP. If you would like to use any of these productions for your own purpose or presentation, please contact us via phone or email to discuss terms and conditions.

Maker and Rame Institute and Clock Tower – Final Visit

This third video commissioned jointly by Celtic Construction and John Grimes Partnership describes the necessary works to both strengthen and heighten the sea wall. The existing wall is a tenuous defence. It not only protects the Institute and Clock Tower Building but also the village of Kingsand.

Maker and Rame Institute and Clock Tower – Revisited

Severe storms on the 14th & 15th February 2014 further damaged the Kingsand clock tower and Rame Institute building. Huge stormwaves again breached the sea facing Institute wall and severely eroded the internal west wall of the building leaving the clocktower and indeed the whole building in a most precarious state. The interior of the institute became fully exposed and was severely battered by the large storm waves. It was evident that the clock tower was extremely close to being lost. Measurements indicated that the top of the tower moved some 15mm.

Maker and Rame Institute and Clock Tower

JGP were commissioned, on the 7th February 2014, to engineer making safe the building and to protect it, as far as possible, from further storm damage. Celtic Construction were instructed to carry out the works, under JGP instruction. Over the weekend of Saturday the 8th and 9th of February, Celtic Construction worked in very difficult conditions to install props to remove the risk of immediate collapse.

Further works to protect the building, as far as practical, from the vagaries of further storms, are planned for this week and next.

JGP Rope Access

JGP has used roped access techniques for many years with an excellent safety record. Our structural and geotechnical engineers are IRATA trained. We also employ ‘confined space’ trained staff.

For many applications, roped access techniques provide a safe, practical and cost-effective approach for difficult to access areas.

The need for scaffolding is eliminated and the Engineering Geologist or Structural Engineer can reach the exact location safely and accurately.

Lynton and Lynmouth Railway

John Grimes Partnership were instructed to undertake an inspection of the slope after a landslide caused by heavy rain in December 2012 caused an obstruction to the railway line.Following clearance and removal of the dangerous material, the slope was stabilised using soil nails and with a flexible mesh facing. The works were completed in early 2013 and the railway reopened.

Work began on the lift construction in 1887 and took less than three years to complete. The lift is now a listed monument and the buildings have been listed to Grade. The railway was opened on 7th April 1890 and has been in operation ever since – even during the two World Wars.

Lundy Island

Administered by the Landmark Trust, Lundy Island is a SSSI and the surrounding seas are a Marine Nature Reserve. John Grimes Partnership has worked on Lundy since 1987 engineering improvements to the island’s infrastructure including, jetty & harbour infrastructure, access road, coastal retaining walls, sea caves and restoration works.

Recent works on the road, slope stabilisation, coastal defence and a slipway have been awarded the Winner of The Institution of Civil Engineers South West Region Civil Engineering Project of the year Award 2010 Minor Projects.