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Structural Engineering Services

JGP provides a wide range of high quality and cost-effective Structural Engineering services across all building sectors including residential, leisure, education, governmental, commercial and industrial developments.

We offer a full scope of structural services including site appraisals and condition reports, prioritised maintenance and repair strategies and detailed design of substructures and superstructures from the simple to the highly complex.  Our projects encompass all sizes and complexities using both common construction materials, such as steel, reinforced concrete, timber and masonry, as well as some of the less common structural systems such as Insulated Concrete Formwork with calculations provided for Building Regulation submission.  Our design staff are experienced in the use of 2D and 3D design and analysis modelling software and graphic design software such as AutoCAD and Revit for the use in integrated modelling teams.

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Structural Inspections

Mundic Investigations

Residential Developments

JGP offer a complete range of services for both single dwelling domestic clients to small and large-scale housing developers incorporating new build, conversions and extensions. Our design service involves close liaison with the client, architect, contractor, housing associations and local authorities, ensuring high quality and cost-effective engineering solutions. We have extensive experience in the structural engineering design of prestigious new builds and have a large and growing portfolio of bespoke high spec luxury homes.

Industrial & Commercial Developments

JGP offer a full range of Structural and Civil Engineering services for industrial and commercial developments and, where required, are supported by our Geotechnical department. We have been involved in the development of new builds, extensions and refurbishments of leisure facilities, educational facilities, retail and industrial estates, warehouses, energy installations and power stations, incinerators, and defence installations. We can provide foundation, basement and retaining wall design and ground improvement schemes as well as alterations, adaptions and repairs to existing structures.

Difficult Access Structures

JGP have a team of qualified Structural and Geotechnical engineers trained in rope access and confined space entry to enable inspection and reporting on difficult to access structures. This specialist team maintain IRATA certification for works that require highly skilled rope access engineers who are able to provide condition inspections and reports of tall structures, bridges, masts and towers etc for the purposes of safety and maintenance, Safe to Climb certification, defect inspection, sampling works and planned future works.

We can provide basic measured surveys of difficult to access structures for the purposes of providing the Client with drawings of their existing buildings for the basis of further work.

Structural Investigation and Remediation

JGP carry out structural inspections and monitoring to assess the condition of structures for potential material defects such as concrete decay, corrosion of structural steelwork or reinforcement, timber decay etc., as well as the assessment and diagnosis of the cause of subsidence, structural movements and settlements. We work closely with our Clients to develop cost-effective investigation and remediation strategies. We use a range of investigation and monitoring techniques from in-situ testing and short/long term monitoring systems to sampling and laboratory analysis.

Our experienced engineers can offer the following services:
Full Mundic investigation and reporting (Stage 1, 2 and 3);
• In-situ concrete tests, including pull-off tests, pull-out tests, Schmidt Hammer, etc.;
• Assessment of tension wires;
• Reinforcement assessments using covermeter / Half-cell mapping, etc.;
• Wall tie inspections;
• Testing of non-traditional constructions; and
• Crack monitoring.

Alterations & Conversions

Alterations and conversions of existing buildings can often involve historic structures some of which may be listed buildings. These require a sympathetic approach which can involve close working relationships with other professional teams such as Archaeologists, Conservation Officers, Stone Masons, Timber Specialists etc to preserve and strengthen existing elements rather than replacing them.

We believe that good structural design and detail requires sound knowledge of traditional construction techniques and how best to ensure their continued service. JGP offer a full service to assist from initial concept, investigations and reporting through to analysis and design of traditional and modern engineering sympathetically incorporated within the building.

JGP also provide investigation and reporting of structures for possible submission under the Town and Country Planning General Permitted Development Act Class Q for the conversion of agricultural buildings to domestic dwellings.

We can provide basic measured surveys of difficult to access structures for the purposes of providing the Client with drawings of their existing buildings for the basis of further work.

Subsidence, Settlement and Structural Movement

Subsidence, settlement and structural movement of substructures can affect the integrity and safety of a structure. 

Structural movements can lead to cracks in walls, uneven floors, sticking doors and windows. Movement can arise due to a variety of issues whether it be ground related, corrosion or decay of structural elements, under-sizing of elements or poor construction. 

Our engineering team of geotechnical and structural engineers have extensive knowledge and expertise in the assessment and diagnosis of the cause of such ground and structural movement.  

In addition, JGP  can also assist with the specification, design and detail of remedial works employing traditional low-tech solutions through to latest developments in the market.