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Subsidence & Structural Defects

JGP has extensive knowledge and expertise in the assessment and diagnosis of the causes of structural movement and structural defects. Furthermore, JGP can provide cost-effective remedial solutions and strategies

Subsidence and Settlement

Subsidence, settlement and ground movement, as well as floor heave, bulging walls, expansion and contraction can all affect the integrity, serviceability and safety of a building structure. JGP has considerable experience in the assessment of existing foundations, suitability of bearing strata and causes of subsidence and movement, such as:

  • Movement of the bearing strata due to frost heave, ground vibrations, changing water tables and porewater pressure, leaking drains, droughts and soil desiccation by trees.
  • Failure of poor bearing strata and ground instability, including collapses of abandoned mine voids, sink holes, or landslips.
  • Building alterations that have imposed a different loading regime on pre-existing foundations triggering settlement.

We employ various techniques to monitor movement.  Remotely monitored inclinometers and rapid response piezometers can be installed where significant ground movement is suspected.  In contrast, simple crack monitoring can be employed, which can determine direction of structural movement and whether movement is on-going.  

JGP can provide cost-effective remedial solutions; such as underpinning or ground improvement, that comply with Building Regulations and other statutory requirements.

Structural Surveys for Material Defects

JGP also has extensive experience in the inspection of structures for materials defects. Our conditions surveys incorporate the assessments for concrete decay or the corrosion of structural steelwork.

We use a range of condition survey techniques, from in-situ testing, strength tests, monitoring and sampling to laboratory analysis.  Our Material Science expertise includes petrographic assessments, Alkali-Silica Reaction (ASR) assessments and chemical composition analysis.

We also have engineers trained in rope access techniques and confined spaces to enable inspection of difficult to access structures.

JGP can provide a wide range of surveys for structural defects.  We work closely with our clients to develop cost-effective remediation strategies.