JGP has extensive experience in the investigation and remediation of disused mine workings and karstic terrain. Our engineers have considerable understanding of both mining related voids and karstic features and have successfully engineered numerous solutions for voided ground. Depending on site conditions, various remediation techniques can be used to make a site safe against possible failures such as subsidence, crown-hole formation and/or total collapse.


Land Affected by Historic Mining or Natural Cavities

Historic mining and associated processes are well known for leaving a legacy of geotechnical, environmental and hydrogeological problems.  JGP has undertaken numerous mining related ground investigations, hydrogeological assessments, remediation strategies, as well as designed and implemented drainage relief schemes.  Appropriate ground investigation of historic mining sites is required to define the problems.  Remedial works in heavily mined areas may need to adopt a flexible phased approach with a range of options available to treat whatever is encountered during site development.

JGP can also provide a range of services related to the redevelopment of disused mine and quarry sites.

Natural cavities such as karstic voids and fissures in limestone and chalk present both geotechnical and drainage problems.  Apart from difficulties with lack of ground support, changes in the drainage regime during a site development can trigger instability.  JGP has carried out many ground investigations, engineered foundations and designed drainage schemes for various developments over naturally voided ground.

Geotechnical Investigation & Design