JGP Offers extensive knowledge and expertise in the assessment and diagnosis of the cause of structural movement. Subsidence, settlement and ground movement, as well as floor heave, bulging walls, expansion and contraction can all affect the integrity, serviceability and safety of a structure. JGP can provide cost-effective remediation solutions from underpinning and ground improvement to structural repairs. We provide solutions complying with Building Regulations and other statutory requirements.


Subsidence & Structural Movement

We can provide assessments of existing foundations, suitability of bearing strata and causes of settlement and movement, such as:

  • Movement of the bearing strata due to frost heave, ground vibrations, changing water tables, leaking drains, droughts and trees.
  • Failure of poor bearing strata, collapse of historic mine workings or landslips.
  • Building alterations that have imposed greater loads on a pre-existing foundation triggering settlement.

We employ various techniques to monitor movement; from installing inclinometers, where significant ground movement is suspected, to simple crack monitoring, which can determine direction of movement and whether movement is on-going.       

Structural Engineering