JGP offers a wide range of testing services, both on-site and in the laboratory. Our extensive range of equipment enables our specialist engineers and technicians to test soil, rock and concrete for material properties and establish engineering parameters and behaviour. Our ability to undertake in-house testing allows us to offer a distinctive service to our clients, enabling us to gain a much greater awareness of the physical and chemical behaviour of a range of materials; and therefore offer the best advice and solution to our clients.


Testing Services

Management of laboratory procedures, site investigation, testing and monitoring are part of our ISO 9001 accreditation.  Where testing cannot be carried out, we have established a close relationship with other laboratories and can sub-contract testing at a competitive rate.  Our comprehensive range of testing services includes:

Geotechnical testing:

  • Infiltration / soakaway tests
  • Plate bearing tests
  • Dynamic cone penetrometer
  • Shear vane
  • In-situ density
  • Laboratory based soils and rock testing, including classification, strength, etc
  • Geophysics


  • In-situ and laboratory-based soils and groundwater chemical analysis
  • Gas monitoring for landfill gases and hydrocarbon vapours 

Structures and Concrete:

  • Strength – compressive strength, point load, shear box and Schmidt Hammer.
  • Mundic testing (Stage 1, 2 and 3)
  • Laboratory analysis, including cement content, chlorides, etc
  • Petrographic Assessments
  • In-situ concrete tests, including pull-off tests, pull-out tests, etc
  • Reinforcement assessments using covermeter / Half-cell mapping, etc
  • Wall tie inspections
  • Testing of non-traditional constructions
  • Crack monitoring
  • Rock anchor testing

Testing Services