John Grimes Partnership Ltd can provide a broad range of sustainable transport solutions that enhance proposed developments and satisfy the aspirations and objectives of planning authorities and developers. Our transport planners and traffic engineers can assist clients in the following areas:


Understand and interpret national, regional and local transport strategies and policies and strive to deliver benefits for all road users

Carry out Transport Assessments of proposed development sites, and prepare Transport Statements and Travel Plans to support planning applications.
Work with local authorities to increase/advocate the use of sustainable transport modes such as walking, cycling and public transport to reduce environmental impacts and contribute to carbon reduction
Model traffic flows to determine the impact of proposed developments on the existing highway network and provide solutions to tackle congestion hot spots
Undertake the feasibility and design of signalised and other junctions and ensure all new systems are UTMC compliant and improve traffic flows
Negotiate Section 106, Section 38 and 278 Agreements, and submit proposals for changed to traffic restrictions and other alterations to the highway network
Work with utility companies and local authorities to develop traffic management plans, co-ordinate service diversion works, road works and events on the highway that comply with the Traffic Management Act, the New Roads and Street Works Act and other Highway legislation
Prepare Transport Asset Management Plans to provide service levels that are acceptable to customers, meet overall budgetary constraints and enhance the life of the asset

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