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Awareness of Mundic Concrete

The media-predicted up-turn in the housing market seems to be filtering through to increases in mundic assessments.
 Mundic concrete is a problem found in many areas of Devon and Cornwall.   During the turn of the twentieth century until the 1960s many properties were constructed using concrete blocks and mass concrete made with unstable aggregates from mining and quarrying waste.  Minerals in the waste, mainly sulphides such as iron pyrites (mundic being the Cornish name for iron pyrites), can decompose and trigger major structural damage.  Mundic screening identifies any potentially unstable aggregates.
JGP can provide the entire range of mundic services in-house.  We employ suitably qualified and experienced structural engineers to survey a property and take samples of concrete for analysis at our own laboratory, all in accordance with the current Mundic Guidelines (published by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors).  We employ a number of experienced petrographers and all three “Stages” of mundic analysis can be carried out at our in-house laboratory.
If you would like any further information on mundic testing, please contact us on 01752 690533 or post@johngrimes.co.uk.